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Weight Loss Center, Aesthetics & Vitamin Injections located in Glendale and Phoenix, AZ

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About My True Image

My True Image is a state-of-the-art aesthetics and weight-loss clinic with two locations in Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona. Robin F. MacDougall, DO, and the team have treated patients in the Valley for more than 25 years. The entire team’s extensive experience makes them uniquely qualified to support patients in their health and wellness journeys. 

At My True Image, the team specializes in weight-management treatments for obesity. Nutritional counseling, weight-loss medications, and vitamin injections are among the many methods the team uses to create personalized care plans for each patient. 

In addition to the cosmetic benefits weight loss can offer, doctor-supervised weight loss can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases, including diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. The team takes each patient’s medical history, lifestyle, and diet into account when curating treatments designed to help patients reach their wellness goals.

The practice proudly provides effective alternatives to traditional prescription medications. With a focus on natural supplements and conservative treatments, My True Image offers human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), B-12 injections, and other natural medications to accelerate weight loss without fad diets or synthetic chemicals. In addition, the practice offers aesthetic services like body sculpting and Plasma Pen® treatments

My True Image serves patients through telehealth and in-office appointments. Patients can enjoy one-on-one time with their provider for at least 30 minutes, allowing them to share their concerns and receive the answers they need. The clinic has flexible hours and promotes a warm, welcoming environment. Call or schedule an appointment online today to learn more.


Our Weightloss and Aesthetics care encompass a wide range of specialties. 
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25 years experience serving the valley in weight loss